Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cultural Exchange

I found this great blog called Gimmie Your Stuff where you can exchange items from your hometown with people from around the world. How great is that?

Anyway, if a potential exchange is reading this right now here's a lift of things I'd be willing to swap with you:

* Food items
* Postcards
* Books/magazines
* Posters
* Souvenirs (i.e. New York snow globes, Providence key chain, etc.)
* Jewelry
* Small articles of clothing/accessories
* Inexpensive beauty products
* Craft items (yarn, etc.)
* Mix CD
* Tea

I'm not very creative so if you can think of anything else that you would want from me please drop me a line. Just so you know, I split my time between New York City and Providence, Rhode Island so if you want a box of goodies from one place in particular please tell me, otherwise I'll just send you a collection of stuff from both places.

What I'd Love to Get:

* Jewelry
* Boxes. My mom collects boxes. Like the small ceramic/wooden/plastic boxes you get in souvenir or gift shops that are basically just for decoration. One of those would be fabulous.
* Magazines
* A copy of Harry Potter in your native language. :)
* Candy
* Breath mints
* Food of any sort really
* Makeup
* Postcards
* Tea
* Kinder eggs, if you come from a country where you can get them. :)
* Mix CD
* Art Print
* Perfume

And anything that you think your country is known for/something you can only get where you live. Anything at all would be fabulous though. :)


50pencemaddie said...
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50pencemaddie said...

hi, i would be interested in swap. im from the UK and would be able to assemble a collection of english things.. me email is if you'd be up for that.. :) cheers..

SauYee said...

Hi :D I saw the comment you left on my Livejournal (
I'm interested in swapping, do email me or leave your email on my livejournal

50pencemaddie said... or maybe at (shouldnt make a difference.. hmm)

thats copied and pasted from my email window so it should work.. if not then and i'll pick it up there! cheers.. exciting.. :)

babyrou said...

hi tina^^ for me it's ok, i like your profile^^

my mail

see u and abig kiss

Iku said...

I'm interested in a swap with you!
I'm martina and I'm Italian...

the invite is valid for anyone who wants swap with me ;)

Makiyo said...

Domo! I'm Makiyo from Singapore and I would loved to swap with you! I can satisfy lots of your wants from your list especially kawaii stuff, japanese candies, mix cd, jewelery, kinder eggs!!! and clothes! Email me at so we can work something out! Hope to hear from you soon!

Estella said...


i'm estella from singapore :) would like to do a swap with you if youre interested!

contact me! thanks!

Anonymous said...

would love to give u a surprise !

Kit said...

Hi my name is Kit and I'm from the US (North Carolina) I am interested in swapping with you! I am originally from New England and miss home - so I am looking for items from the area as a sort of throw back to my days there. If you would trade with me I would love it!

View my post at:

Anonymous said...

wanna swap with me? im from singapore. visit me at

hope to hear frm you soon.

Karen Callora said...

greetings from the Philippines. :)

I would love to swap with you. Im Karen. If youre interested, please email me at

Here's my swap list:

alwayslate said...

hello do you still do swaps?
my name is amelia! i am from singapore but currently located in korea! going back to sg soon! i have quite a lot to offer
very flexible trades!
do let me know okay !
check out mine at

or email me at

almeyna said...

Hi, I´m from SPAIN...would you like to swap with me???
you can see my profile at:

Victoria said...

would you like to swap with me? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm from Singapore, would love to swap! :)

thats a link to minee!

GirlyGal said...

I have just joined gimmeyourstuff and was looking through everyones profiles and thought you would be PERFECT.
You have the same interests as me and i can pretty much get you everything you are Looking for especially Kinda eggs ;)
email me on if you fancy swapping.
Hope to hear from you soon. x
Ps( i am from London)

sanjana said...

hey, i would love to swap with you! if you are interested, check my blog or mail me at!

Nespouik said...


If you are interested in swapping with a french girl you could see my post here:


Katie Westwick said...


I posted a comment on your blog recently expressing my interest in swapping items with you. I am currently living in Taiwan though I am moving to Singapore. I can offer all sorts of local specialities- just ask and I'll do my best to find an item for you! Please reply back to with an answer!

Thank you for your time,


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm not sure if you're still a part of gimmeyourstuff but I'm really interested in swapping with you. I live in the UK and I'd be happy to assemble a package together for you. I could even get you some kinder eggs, haha. Anyway if you're interested, please send me an email at

Thank you!